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To introduce ourselves we would like to call us a service company. A company that helps global organizations implement optimized IT, Telecom and power systems solutions, which is an absolute, must for any organization for its successful growth. Our scope of expertise includes Telecommunications, Computers, Laptops, Mobile Solutions, Conference hall solutions, Security Systems & Maintenance, wireless networking, wired networking, solutions like VoIP, Firewall hardware solutions, VPNs and a lot more you can think of for the office automation.

City Circuit vision of the digital future is driven by the needs and aspirations of our business customers and consumers around the country who use our products every day. We share their dream to live a fuller life by providing ways of working smarter and enjoying the rewards of technological advanced solutions.

As we move forward together with our customers into the uncharted future of the 21st century with the prospect of future technologies and systems yet to be thought of, City Circuit’s standards are still firmly grounded in the philosophy of company founder Rohit Gupta. We began our journey in 1994 by a retail outlet in south Delhi under the name and style of City Shop. With sight of the importance of putting the needs of our customers at the first place we were able to achieve the award for the highest sales in that area in terms of number of units sold by brands like Siemens (now well known as Beetel), Panasonic.

City Circuit will continue its Customer First tradition of creating new solutions that resolve the challenges in business and personal life, helping us all enjoy more of what life has to offer. The name City Circuit is synonymous with innovation, quality, performance and ease of use. We look forward to a bright and shining technological future, and to playing a leading role in the digitally networked society, propelled by the creativity and dedication of our employees here and around the country.