City Circuit is a company that helps global organizations implement optimized IT, Telecom and power systems solutions, which is an absolute, must for any organization for its successful growth. Our scope of expertise includes Telecommunications, Computers, Laptops, Mobile Solutions, Conference hall solutions, Security Systems & Maintenance, wireless networking, wired networking, solutions like VoIP, Firewall hardware solutions, VPNs and a lot more you can think of for the office automation. Audiocodes is the first product was an analog media gateway followed by a family of media gateways combining analog and digital interfaces. AudioCodes then began to develop and sell high density media gateways and media servers.

AudioCodes Ltd. designs, develops and sells advanced Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and converged VoIP and Data networking products and applications to service providers and enterprises. AudioCodes is a VoIP technology market leader focused on converged VoIP & data communications and its products are deployed globally in broadband, mobile, cable, and enterprise networks.

Throughout 2005, AudioCodes partnered with a number of companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Texas Instruments, and MailVision and was able to expand its technology reach and partnerships. These additions enabled the company to announce new products in the media gateways series which supported SIP functionality and Voice over IP Applications for Service Providers and Enterprises. Around this time, AudioCodes also announced VoIP Chip for Analog Telephone Adapters. In addition, AudioCodes’ Mediant Gateway achieved outstanding voice quality results at the European telecommunication standards institute event (January 24, 2005).

Our Association with Audiocodes

CityCiruit joined the list of AudioCodes partners in 2010 when the two companies teamed to help Service Providers streamline VoIP service delivery. By 2009 they had launched a strategic initiative to simplify deployments of IP voice networks.[5] Another significant turning point in the relationship between the two companies was in 2014 when BroadSoft and AudioCodes announced that they were collaborating on “One Voice for Hosted Services”. The One Voice initiative included BroadSoft’s unified communication services and AudioCodes’ IP phones, routers, SBCs and gateways serving as a one stop shop for Service Providers that are offering enterprises next generation VoIP services.

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